We help companies and investors analyze and understand political challenges in uncertain environments so they can make better decisions.

There are no longer safe havens. Countries and regions that were once considered stable and predictable have ceased to be so. Uncertainty is combined with complexity to produce complicated scenarios for decision makers. The global landscape is a minefield.

Our goal at quantio is to provide reliable, timely and detailed answers, tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team offers close analysis of Spain and other countries in Europe and Latin America. We also provide tailor-made solutions and develop mathematical models to track and anticipate election results. We offer direct and actionable answers, based on testable data. Our purpose is to transform raw data into actionable information.

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quantio's founders are the heart of the company: Kiko Llaneras, Jorge Galindo, Ramón González Férriz, Ignacio Jurado, Álvaro Imbernón and Juan Font.

Kiko Llaneras, PhD in industrial engineering, has been widely cited as the benchmark expert in electoral analysis and prediction through surveys in various international media, including: WSJ, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Financial Times, and Fortune. Outside the election season, he is a contributor to El País.

Jorge Galindo, sociologist and political analyst, is regularly cited in publications including Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, Politico, and Fortune regarding Spanish politics. He is also a weekly columnist at El País.

Ramón González Férriz, an experienced Spanish political affairs journalist, has been cited in publications including The New Yorker or The New York Times . His weekly column appears in El Confidencial.

Álvaro Imbernón, expert in international affairs, maintains regular collaborations with the World Economic Forum, ESADEgeo as well as with the European Council of Foreign Relations. Imbernón has been cited prolificly in American media of Spanish speech, such as El Nuevo Herald, Univisión, El Comercio, or El Tiempo.

Ignacio Jurado, lecturer at the Department of Political Science at York University, has contributed in-depth political analysis to publications and institutions including Reuters, Slate, Ekathimerini, El Universal, and LSE’s EUROPP, among others.

Juan Font, software engineer and consultant with the European Space Agency, is the technological soul of the team. He has co-founded, recently awarded with a Google Digital News Initative Grant.